Upcoming Events
Dec 16 '17
06:00 PM

GHB is hosting a contest to choose a new channel image in Discord.  Post your submissions in the "Discord channel image suggestions" located here in Suggestion Box forum section.  Officers will scale them down to a few for everyone to vote on!  Winner will recieve a prize! 

Early this morning, around 2 AM Eastern Standard Time, Bioware completed implementing United Forces (aka. the server merger).  All players formerly on the Shadownlands have been moved to the new Star Forge server.

Sign into the game and enjoy the new server and much larger population!

We've posted our guild's official grouping guide for all to read.  This guide has information about how to group up with others in guild as well as information for those who are new to operations and want to learn how to prepare for them.  Check it out here.

We've made some changes in the website to make navigation a bit more user friendly. We've deleted the policy forum and have made static pages for most of our policy, notably the "Officer Roles", and "How to Rank Up in GHB" threads. You can find them under the community tab in the navigation menu.

We have made updates to our guild etiquette page with the intent of providing more information about the type of community we are trying to grow here at GHB. The updated etiquette is shorter (so hopefully more people will read it) but covers a few additional points that previous versions of the etiquette were lacking. We encourage all of our members to read the most up-to-date version here.