Upcoming Events

We are going to be putting a GHB Hard Mod Operation group together for Tuesday night at 8pm EST.  Please see the following post for more information.  


In an effort to make conquest rewards more fun for everyone, we have made some changes.  The new system is oulined here. Click here to read.  We are very excited for everyone to being enjoying this-- thank you for all that you do!

In order to encourage guildies to plan events and allow for more people to have events that they want to see, we are opening up the calendar for anyone who wants to plan events and post them.  If this is something that interests you, please speak to Annah.  She will teach you how to create them and explain permissions.  We look forward to seeing what ideas everyone has to contribute!!!

Due to changing circumstances, your officers have made the decision to merge with the imperial guild Hands of Fate.  We are hoping this will improve dark side play for our guildies who have players in both factions.  Moving your imperial characters there will be completely voluntary, as it is also voluntary for Hands of Fate to move their republic players to GHB.  That said, be on the lookout for our new guildies to be asking for guild invites in the upcoming weeks, and please be welcoming.  Do not hesitate to reach out to anyone to get an invite for your imperial characters as well. 

Guild structure will remain the same on both sides, and officers from both guilds are taking officer positions in the opposing guild in order to ease transition and support unity.  I would like to give a warm welcome to our new General Bolt, and new Lt. Generals Straike and Nejaa!  They are all incredible leaders, and if you have not met them yet, you will soon learn what a wonderful addition they make to our family.

Instead of having two websites with two separate event calendars, we have chosen to keep our GHB website as the hub of communication and activities for both factions.  This will make it easier to coordinate for officers and guildies alike.  Events will have a faction listed so please be mindful of what you are signing up for.  Both Discord servers will still remain active.  

If you have any questions regarding our merge, please contact any officer.  We would all be happy to assist in the transition in any way.

HM Ops Availability

[GM] Annah posted Feb 27, 18

As per the discord discussion, a forum post has been created for interested parties to list their availability to participate in HM ops.  Known availability is necessary to help form the proper teams. Please click here to respond to this forum post.  Remember that the chosen op time will be a committment.  Every once in a while, someone won't be able to make it (that's what alternates are for), but in general, you will be expected to be there every week.  So list your times accordingly :-)